Request for Grants

Applications close 18 November 2018.

  • Personal Details

  • Institution Details

  • Supervisor Details

  • Submission Details

  • Justification

  • Grants are reserved to those who have no/limited access to funding. Most universities have travel grants for students to attend conferences so please ensure that these options have been exhausted prior to applying for AMOS grants.
  • Estimate how much you need to participate in the conference. For example, specify costs for air tickets, per diem (meals and incidents), accommodation, etc. How much of the total cost you or your institution will cover (if any) and how much you are requesting from the conference.
  • Supporting Documentation

  • Drop files here or
    Upload your CV containing academic qualifications, work experience, publications (if applicable) and any other relevant information (awards, grants, etc.). If you are a student, state which year you are enrolled in.
  • For all applications, we require a letter from your current institution supporting your participation at the conference and the justification for request for a grant.