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01. Oceans

  1. Ocean extreme events and their impacts
  2. Dynamics of the Southern Hemisphere oceans
  3. Bridging spatial scales in the ocean: From the submesoscale to the mesoscale
  4. From the shelf to the deep: Antarctic and Southern Ocean processes
  5. Advances in ocean observing, modelling and prediction

02. Atmosphere

  1. Tropics to ice: clouds, aerosol, composition and chemistry
  2. Australian rainfall: processes, interactions and extremes
  3. Atmosphere to land surface processes

03. Climate Variability & Change

  1. Wave dynamics
  2. Modelling, prediction and projections of climate variability and change
  3. Limiting global warming to 2°C: Pathways and implications for Australia
  4. Regional climate modelling and its applications
  5. Understanding variability and changes in Southern Hemisphere circulation
  6. Palaeoclimates and palaeo-environments: proxies and modelling advances
  7. General climate session

04. Extreme events

  1. High-impact weather
  2. Extreme temperature events: attribution of events, processes and impacts
  3. Drought: variability, processes and prediction

05. Impacts & Risks

  1. Impact and risk assessment for weather extremes
  2. Urban climate
  3. Closing the loop: Weather and climate impacts and risks described for agriculture and business.
  4. Energy systems and the weather/climate nexus

06. Data, Services & Outreach

  1. Automation and the changing role of the forecaster
  2. Citizen science in the weather, climate and ocean science with the public
  3. Education and outreach: experiences, ideas and challenges
  4. Big data in oceanography and meteorology: challenges, applications and data products
  5. Indigenous weather & climate


  1. Processes in global and regional monsoons
  2. Climate application for the tropics
  3. The role of organised tropical convection for weather and climate variability
  4. Maritime Continent earth system science and the Years of Maritime Continent
  5. Tropical cyclones: Climate processes, variability and change
  6. Tropical cyclone dynamics and forecasting
  7. Tropical climate variability: dynamics, teleconnections and impacts
  8. Variability and dynamics of Indo-Pacific ocean exchange and roles in air-sea coupling
  9. Tropical oceanography: processes and dynamics

08. Cryosphere

  1. Cryosphere general session

09. Communicating AMOS Sciences

  1. Communicating AMOS sciences.