AMOS Annual Meeting 2019 and the International Conference on Tropical Meteorology and Oceanography

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What you will learn

The Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society is delighted to announce the Joint 26th AMOS Annual Meeting and the International Conference for Tropical Meteorology and Oceanography, AMOS-ICTMO 2019, to be held in Darwin from 11-15 June 2019.

AMOS-ICTMO 2019 will bring together experts in meteorology, oceanography, climate and other related sciences from Australia and around the world as well as government representatives, NGOs, businesses and the media to focus on the latest research.   This year we will be highlighting the current research in tropical oceanography and meteorology with a special conference programme attached to the general AMOS Annual Meeting proceedings.

The AMOS Annual Meeting will have over 40 thematic sessions covering topics in meteorology, oceanography and other climate sciences under the broad themes of weather, ocean processes, atmospheric processes, climate, land surface processes, Antarctic science, climate services and community engagement.

This event also provides the opportunity to translate our science into practical outcomes for the benefit of society. To this end, there will be bespoke sessions on climate service for decision makers, impact and risk assessment of the weather extremes affecting our region, improving urban environments, and integration of renewables into the energy system.

What we will do

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