Lost in Translation? Delivering high impact science for climate resilient decision making

This workshop targets climate researchers looking to go beyond publications as a measure of impact and who want to see their work inform government and private sector decision-making. The NSW Office of Environment & Heritage (OEH) will provide insights on its end-user needs driven process, which has been instrumental in translating climate change research into useable products that are now informing policy and decision-making across NSW. OEH is uniquely positioned to achieve this by having climate and weather science capability, knowledge brokerage and advisory functions and a role in government policy development. The workshop will provide guidance on how to translate climate and weather research findings into applicable results for use beyond the scientific community, into sectors such as health, air pollution forecasting, transport, and infrastructure. We invite workshop participants to describe what research they are working on now, discuss what impacts and relevance that research might have, and identify potential external collaborators/stakeholders.

The workshop will include discussion on current science from participants (30mins), tips and guidance provided through case studies, lessons learned, and good practice examples for establishing collaborations with key stakeholders (45 mins), Q&A (15 mins).

Weather and climate science

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