Exploring issues in the communication of the AMOS sciences

AMOS communication symposia offer a forum for communication professionals and others involved in the communication of the weather, climate and oceans sciences to meet, share experiences and ideas, and develop skills for effectively communicating AMOS sciences. An initiative of AMOS and Bloom Communication, the inaugural two-day symposium will run alongside the AMOS-ICTMO 2019 Conference in Darwin on 11–12 June. The theme of this symposium is: Conversations at the interface of science and communication. 


$400 ($250 for students), which includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea on both days, AMOS-ICTMO 2019 welcome drinks on Tuesday afternoon and entry to the special public event at the Deckchair Cinema on Tuesday evening. Some sessions are part of the main AMOS-ICTMO 2019 conference program. These sessions offer the opportunity for symposium delegates to network with weather, climate and oceans researchers while learning some of the latest science. Symposium delegates wishing to attend sessions at the AMOS-ICTMO 2019 event on Thursday and Friday should register for a full AMOS-ICTMO 2019 conference pass. AMOS-ICTMO 2019 delegates may attend symposium sessions as part of their full conference registration.


AMOS-ICTMO2019 conference website at https://amos2019.org.au/

Draft Program

Day 1 – Tuesday 11 June 2019

0845 – AMOS-ICTMO2019 opening/welcome*

0915 – AMOS- ICTMO2019 Plenary* – Ro Hill, CSIRO [Topic TBA]

0945 – AMOS- ICTMO2019 RH Clarke Lecture* – Christian Jakob, Monash University [Topic TBA]

1030 – Morning tea

1100 – Symposium welcome and introduction 1130 – View from the bench: the science perspective – Chair: Melissa Lyne, AMOS What are communicators’ common misrepresentations of climate from a science perspective?

1200 – Clearing up climate confusion: a conversation Karen Pearce, Bloom Communication and a researcher (TBA)

1230 – Lunch 1330 – AMOS-ICTMO2019 Keynote* – Blair Trewin, Bureau of Meteorology and Joelle Gergis, University of Melbourne [Topic TBA]

1400 – Forum: What about the weather? – An exploration of the tension between climate and weather. How are they different? Why does the distinction matter? How can we better use this understanding to communicate more effectively? Hear from our expert panel, then weigh into the discussion our forum as we explore the complexities of communicating climate and weather.

1500 – Afternoon tea 1600 – Communication circuit training – Melissa Lyne, AMOS This workshop sets aside the science in order to revisit and flex those core communication skills.

1730 – Conference cocktails and icebreaker

1930 – Deckchair cinema

*part of the main AMOS-ICTMO conference program

Day 2 – Wednesday 12 June 2019

0845 – AMOS-ICTMO2019 Panel Discussion on Climate communication*

0945 – Communication Symposium Plenary Speaker and topic TBA

1030 – Morning tea

1100 – Inform, engage or stir into action – why are we communicating the AMOS sciences? – Karen Pearce, Bloom Communication

1130 – How do we know when we get it right? Chair: Karen Pearce, Bloom Communication Panel discussion on evaluation – what works, what doesn’t?

1230 – Lunch and workshop: Lost in Translation (OEH)*

1330 – How to help your team connect with their audiences – Melissa Lyne, AMOS Whether it’s the media, industry, or a school group, regular communication training will help your experts connect with your identified audiences. This session is useful for those who want to know what to look for when outsourcing training, or those who need/want to do it as part of their role.

1500 – Afternoon tea

1600 – Symposium wrap-up

1700 – End, followed by informal drinks

*part of the main AMOS-ICTMO conference program