Communicating weather and climate workshop

Tues 11 to Wed 12 June 2019 (2 day)

This two-day event that builds upon some of the key issues identified at the interactive AMOS-ISCHMO 2018 workshop ‘Communicating weather and climate: Ways we can do better’.

This is an event within an event, aimed at those who communicate weather and climate science. Each day opens with a plenary, before moving into sessions, and finishing with an interactive afternoon workshop.

We aim to enhance the communication of weather and climate by:

  • Understanding fundamental science
  • Examining communication barriers
  • Introducing innovative communication ideas
  • Presenting case studies
  • Providing opportunities for participants to meet each other, as well as weather and climate scientists
  • Identifying issues of concern/relevance to this community with a view to addressing them

Melissa  Lyne,  AMOS

Karen  Pearce,  Bloom Communication